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"Blessings open up
sacred space and
are always uniquely
personal, inviting divine
presence and support."

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One Spirit Interfaith Foundation - training interfaith ministers in the UK

One Spirit Interfaith Foundation
One Spirit Interfaith Foundation trains people to be Interfaith Ministers and offers cemonies, including wedding ceremonies and spiritual counselling to people of all faiths or none.

Conferences & Gatherings

Conferences and gatherings can be launched in a very powerful and meaningful way by including a simple ceremony close to the beginning of the event. Such need not include any religious or spiritual reference, but nonetheless engage delegates and ask for their purpose for coming together to be blessed.

A similar, brief closing ceremony may also bring proceedings to a unifying and meaningful close.

Working with the hosts of gatherings, I have hand-crafted ceremonies for a number of events, as well as for dedicating new initiatives. These have enabled purpose and good intention to be a focus at the start of the event, as well as speaking to participants about the value of their coming together in ways that might be difficult to put into words.

I would be delighted to discuss options for working with you to create something that is unique and significant for any event that you may have in mind. Please get in touch to find out more or to discuss how I might possibly be able to help you (my contact details are below).

What is a ceremony? I offer my thoughts on the purpose and value of ceremony in this brief video. Simply click on the play button above to watch.

Clive Johnson
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